JSI Donated Anti-Epidemic Materials to Chile and the U.S.

Release Time:2020-04-09

When JSI was in its COVID-19 toughest time around 2020 Feb. Our Chile branch company JSI LA organized anti-epidemic materials and sent them to JSI in a short time. Since the end of March, the current situation of COVID-19 spreading in Chile has caused concern. 

JSI noticed it and immediately organized anti-epidemic materials including 5,000 medical surgical masks and 500 medical isolation goggles to donate to the Embassy of Chile in China. The materials were sent on April 06th and supposed to take a special plane directly arrive in Chile shortly. Moreover, another donation of anti-epidemic materials including 5,000 medical surgical masks and 50 medical isolation goggles arrived at our partner’s warehouse in the U.S. a few days ago. 

JSI always pays attention to the circumstances our partners and customer have faced. We also remember and thank you for the help we received from our friends. We will do what we can to help our friends. At this point, let’s fight against COVID-19 together.

Anti-Epidemic Materials from JSI
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