Vlog series episode 1丨Winnie takes you to see JSI

Release Time:2022-05-24

Guizhou JSI Rock Tools Co., Ltd. is located in Guiyang, Guizhou, China, with a production base of 27,000 square meters of rock drilling tools. It is a professional large-scale enterprise dedicated to product development, manufacturing, supporting supply and solution consultation of various mines and engineering rock drilling tools.

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Winnie is a customer service manager who has been with JSI for about five years. 

She has her own unique emotion and understanding of this place, and today we will walk into JSI with her first perspective.

For winnie, the pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere is one of the reasons why she has been working at JSI for a long time.

 The relationship between leaders and colleagues is more pleasant and harmonious like that of friends and family.

As you can see, JSI is a large-scale enterprise with a mature management system.

R&D, production and sales are closely linked to ensure the quality and quality of JSI’s products.

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