Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce Director visited JSI Rock Tools

Release Time:2019-06-04

On June 3, Ji Hong, director of Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce, visited the Guiyang drilling tool factory of JSI Jiesheng drilling tools. After knowing the production and operation of Jiesheng drilling tools in detail, she said: JSI Jiesheng drilling tools, as an advanced equipment manufacturing enterprise focusing on the development of Guizhou Province, focuses on product quality control and innovative R & D, and actively develops markets at home and abroad, It has promoted the integration and development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry and innovative science and technology. Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce gives full support and care to excellent manufacturing enterprises with great development potential such as JSI Jiesheng drilling tools, and will actively help such excellent enterprises solve the difficulties and problems they may encounter in operation and production.

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