JSI set up a laboratory

JSI laboratory not only inspects various products for self-owned plant, but also can offer following services for other plants based on China National Industry Standard:

  1. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of steel microstructure;
  2. Quantitative inspection of microstructure and phases of heat-treated metal materials;
  3. Examination and evaluation of various microstructure defects in steel, carbon particle size and size distribution;
  4. Examination and evaluation of non-metal inclusion;
  5. Grade determination of grain size of steel;

Among many factors affecting quality of rock drilling tools, there is no doubt that Raw Material Property and Heat Treatment Technology are the core factors and bases. In order to improve quality of rock drilling tools constantly, JSI set up a laboratory to analyze raw materials and results of heat treatment to ensure high performance and quality consistency, and establish a database of raw materials, heat treatment and products to offer theoretical and technical supports in the development of new products, which can reduce products development cycle time for important customers.